Tabs refreshing when switching between them

I have not used one to know for sure but, in searches to fix my own problem, I have read that other browsers have a similar issue as well. I will install one to see if I have the same issue.

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Ok, so, unless you have Chrome Browser, there is no fix for automatic tab refreshing for chromium based browsers. The main issue being reported is that if you have this issue, you are running out of space or memory.

The site:;l=1

Says, "Why doesn’t Chrome OS use swap?

This was a very early design decision. My understanding of the rationale is:

* Chrome OS doesn’t want to wear out the SSD / flash chips by constantly
writing to them.

* To preserve device security it would have to encrypt the swap, which
increases the CPU and battery usage.

* Rather than slowing down by swapping, Chrome OS should run fast until it hits
a wall, then discard data and keep running fast.

Why doesn’t Chrome OS tell me that I’m out of memory?

This is an intentional UI design decision. My understanding of the rationale is:

* Phones and tablets silently discard pages

* Users shouldn’t have to worry about managing memory

Why do we discard tabs instead of doing something else?

Well, we used to do something worse. When the machine ran out of memory the
kernel out-of-memory killer would kill a renderer, which would kill a
semi-random set of tabs. Sometimes this included the selected tab, so the user
would see a sad tab page (specifically, He’s dead, Jim.). The tab discarder only
drops one tab at a time and tries to be smart about what it discards. We tried
other approaches without much success. For example, forcing JavaScript garbage
collection is too slow. Dropping various graphics caches only frees memory for a
short amount of time. Part of the difficulty is that the response to low memory
conditions needs to be fast, reliable and lead to a persistent decrease in
memory consumption.

Is there a long-term plan for this issue?

Sometimes these issues are caused by memory leaks or bloat, which we fix.
davemoore@ has been particularly good at finding Chrome OS memory problems. We
also need to systematically reduce the amount of memory Chrome uses. People
across the browser, renderer and graphics teams are working on this. We’re also
investigating zram (a kind of in-memory swap). At some point we may want to
revisit the design decisions above. "

Their designs are open and you can view the progress here:

Out-of Memory Design:

Our Brave Browser does not have this feature as it is chromium and will have to wait until Chrome fixes it or some brave admin or dev tackles this issue.

If you would like to check the current alterable flags for brave you can go here: chrome://flags/

To go through the mini tool list to see if it makes a difference on your device try:

For now, it is a disk space and ram issue as there is not enough of it to hold many tabs open so, it will continually refresh the most resent or any tab you click, until space is cleared. Also, as stated above, the max data usage for the app is 250 so anything over that with low storage will refresh everything.

Thanks To: How do I find out about the flags brave://flags/ - #2 by Chocoholic
For the excellent information!


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Umm, just one little thing to consider. iOS version of Brave runs on Firefox, not Chromium. I think it’s weird how it’s the only one but it is what it is. So not sure how Firefox engine is in terms of tab refresh and all. I know you said yours is Android and therefore Chromium but as OP is using iOS i thought I’d share that tidbit for anyone who didn’t know

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Just to say that it happened a moment ago and I immediately checked the memory status of my iPad and it was >100MB free.

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Yes, and thank you Saoiray! I

I could look into it for ios using Firefox to see what their stance is for tab refresh.

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