TABS: Previously closed tabs open after sleep. Last session gone. Win11

After the computer sleeps, when opened again previously closed tabs are open from days ago and my last session is gone. No add ons that I know of. Even the splash screen icons change or disappear. Doesn’t happen on my windows 10 machine, only windows 11. Brave is updated to latest version. Youtube and netflix tabs reappear the most so I pause a movie, walk away and when I come back it’s gone and a different movie from days ago.

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Hi there @Colin please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. In this case I recommend you check on brave://settings/clearBrowserData > On exit and make sure any of the items are checked, if some have checks please uncheck them to see if the issue repeats.

Also go to brave://settings/help and provide me with the Brave version displayed there.

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