TABS ON BOTTOM are an essential for many

I use my computer for research and writing. I have 8 (eight) home pages.
Tabs on top is one of the very few reasons I still use FF.
I fine tune my browser, besides addons I widen the scroll bar and a few other things to speed up my work. When I am comparing stories, finding items etc I often open 30 to 40 tabs.
I estimate I open and/or switch between tabs several hundred times on an average day.
I can’t imagine anyone not on a desktop or laptop would have any such need.
It is a pain to look all the way above everything to see the tab I am on or the one I need next.
Then click around on the closed ones trying to recall where you were last
I believe what the FF ppl did to Brendan was fascist and I keep Brave on my comp. But it slows me down right now. It also needs a “Colorful Tabs” type addon and perhaps a clearer indication on the tab that is open. For many of us, the Tab Bar is the central control point from which we rapidly do the majority of our mouse movements.
Thanks for your consideration.