Tabs not working

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Galaxy tab S7+
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The video should be all you need.

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Hello @dagonlore

did you tried to update your brave as the latest version is 1.18.75 ?
did the issue still persist after update?

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I am using Android, the play store only has 1.17.75 and going to the website for the download :slightly_frowning_face: takes me to the play store for the 1.17.75 download. Is that a beta version not released yet?


Still can’t find 1.18.75
The play store has a beta and a nightly version of brave browser, the nightly version doesn’t have my issue.

sometime it take about to 3 days to update all server in the playstore it depend on your region

so till it show up could you try to use private mode and check if that issue still there or not?

North America is my region, the private tab has the same issue in the official version.
The beta also still has this issue when under private tabs.
Nightly doesn’t have this issue in normal or private.

let me ask someone from the team to check that @Mattches
please notice it still weekend
and have a nice day both of you

Thank you for the report, @dagonlore. It appears as though the issue only occurs after you have played a fullscreen video. Is that the case? Does this happen after you play fullscreen video elsewhere too? (e.g. Twitch, Netflix)

I have filed the following issue:

Yes, only after full screen.
Okay, here is what I discovered.
I get an error In trying Disney+ and Hulu. Both of those give me an error sending me to their respective applications to view their content.

Upon trying to view the full screen videos on another application like facebook or twitch, I come back with the same result as before.
If you want I can make another video showing this.

My samsung Galaxy tab S7+ wifi version is running version:
One UI


#2 thu Nov 19 18:19:28 just 2020


If you would like more information about my device let me know.

I double-checked the software update today and there is no update.

I am able to recreate this bug in the play store beta version.
I am not able to recreate this bug in the play store nightly version.

I have this same issue. I watch a lot of video on my tablet so it happens often lol. If I go full screen for more than a couple seconds the tabs become unresponsive when exiting full screen. The only way I’ve found around it is I can still swipe left and right on the address bar to toggle between tabs but I can’t close them. The other way is if I exit full screen then rotate the tablet into portrait view and move the tabs a little or close one then rotate back into landscape view it works fine until I go full screen again and have to do it all over again. Its getting pretty annoying. Been a couple weeks and a few updates now for me. I keep hoping the next update fixes it but it hasn’t yet.

We appreciate everyone’s patience – as @sampson stated, we have the following issue open for the developers to review and address in due time:

Update 1.18.75 does not fix the above issue.

This issue is not exclusive to full screen use. Mine also occurs whenever I have more than one tab open for a while (10+ mins), Always requires relaunching the Brave app or switching between portrait and landscape mode.


1.19.70 beta did not fix the issue.

Brave - Beta 1.19.72 does not fix the problem.
Brave - Nightly 1.20.54 does not have this problem.

If I could know, what makes the Nightly version different from the others?

The latest update, Brave 1.18.77 has fix this issue.
Thank you.

Problem still exists for me.

First I would like to apologise.
I preformed poor troubleshooting steps.
I had forgotten that I changed a few system settings right before I updated the app.
I made a video of the two system changes that fixed this issue for me.
Here is that video.

I am not sure that this qualifies as a fix as some devices may not have these system settings or even want to make the changes.
I am sorry again, I will do better in the future

Same problem here, Android 10, latest version of Brave on my tablet and returning from a fullscreen video locks the tab bar.
Rotating to landscape/portrait and back again clears the issue. Would like a fix asap.

I too can confirm I have the same problem.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Model SM-T510
Brave version 1.18.75

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