Tabs must be at the top of the window


Putting tab bars at the top of the monitor makes them effectively infinitely tall and easy to click, not doing this is a big ease of use oversight.

Currently the topmost row of the screen is not utilized aside from window minimize, maximize and close buttons. The link bar being topmost is just as useless because you still have to carefully click on it.

e.g.: in Chrome I just smash my mouse to the top of the screen and only have to worry about lateral movement to pick a tab to click on. It takes much more effort to not overshoot the thin tab bars in Brave.


Brendan has mentioned that this will come with Brave v1.0, and I believe he’s Tweeted about the real estate advantages of doing so as well.

In the developer previews of v1.0, tabs are on top by default (if I remember correctly). So, with v1.0, tabs will be either be on top, or you will at least have an option to put them above or below!

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