Tabs management in Android


Brave is becoming the new champion for me actually. Congratulations.

As users are using mobile to surf the web more and more these days, I believe that the best browser would features the strongest security and privacy possible, mixed with performances and richness of features.

Actually, one thing that could make my browsing experience better with Brave for Android is improving tabs management. As I need to surf in many websites, I often have a lot of pages opened in different tabs. It would help a lot if I was able to sort (drag and drop) and maybe group them too. That way, I could make sure that those requiring to be look first, would be easily identified.

In addition to that, allowing to put a tab or even a group in a sort of hibernation state to make sure that they’re stopping using resources but available when needed.

Such way of improving tabs could be a killer feature for people who surf a lot.

Yeah, this would be nice. I have so many tabs in my mobile browser I have to scroll and scroll to find what I’m looking for.

However, I feel like being able to swipe-close tabs is a must. Some browsers have tiles and require you to hit a small X which is just a hassle.