Tabs keep on hanging




You have an amazing browser. I love it BUT since last few days, I have a recurring problem wherein one or more of the tabs hang up. Its weird because the rest of the tabs in the same window work perfectly while there are one or two in HANG mode.

Please look into it !!

Also, if there’s anything I can do to help fix it , please let me know :slight_smile:



Hi @codemach

Thanks for reporting. Could you provide some additional details such as which Brave version and OS are you using?

Also, it would be very helpful if you could give some additional details about your scenario. Some things you might be able to tell us are: do you have pinned tabs (are they the ones hanging)? How many tabs do you have? Multiple windows? Do the tabs that are hanging have anything in common (playing videos, music, etc)? Any other details you think could be relevant would be great!



Hello Lauren, Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Brave version = 0.18.14 though since I just updated 2 days back, I am not sure if the problem still persists…
OS = Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1
REG[pinned tabs] Nope, I definitely don’t have any pinned tabs.
REG[Num of tabs] I usually keep between 4-8 tabs open
REG[Num of windows] Max 2
REG[Commonality between buggy tabs] Never noted. The last one which hanged was about a textual tutorial on RabbitMQ…though I will keep an eye out for this and update you in case I come across anything

Thanks again for the fast reply!!
Ankur Sawhney


In your ‘HANG MODE’, do you see content in those tabs?
I don’t usually. There are faults logged. That is why I still use version 0.16.9


Thanks for the info @codemach! I can use that to try and reproduce.

In addition to the question asked by @rgnixon, I’d be curious if it still happens in 0.18.14. Please keep us updated if you can. Thanks!

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