Tabs go inactive and spellchecker on linux


FIrst off i cannot find a way to disable spellcheker on linux version. Am i blind? I have searched settings 5 times.
What is an annoying feature in brave is that the tabs you have open so to speak “time out” e.g when a page title changes that isnt my active tab (e.g i get a message on facebook) the indicator that comes to the facebook page title (the number one (1)) doesnt appear instantly, the tab refreshes itself in many minutes and then i can see that someone has messaged me. So is with other things, The dynamic tabs are great source of information when you have 20 tabs open but when they become inactive it sort of loses value to me. I like the browers very much but this is a feature i have moved back to chrome before.


Spell checker issue is being tracked here

Tab title not getting refreshed is being tracked here