Tabs from other devices not showing anything. Completely blank page

SyncedTabs function not working on my end as I cannot used the syncedTabs to view other open tabs on other devices on my sync chain.

Steps to Reproduce
Said issue has appeared for all devices and I am not able to view nor access the “Tabs from other devices” upon going through Brave’s History tab. Two days ago I was able to use the function, today I am not. Not sure if possible to replicate issue as it just appeared out of nowhere.

Reproduces how often:
Issue has been occurring for every instance of Brave running on devices that are able to access the “Tabs from other devices” page."

Brave Version:
v.1.29.81 (64 Bit on all Win10 Devices)

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
3 Devices: Desktop (Win10), Android-Samsung, Laptop (Win10).

Additional Information:
I have deleted and reinstalled Brave multiple times, deleted said sync chain and started a new one, and have switched out devices.

The only extensions that I have installed think may be causing are the following: uBlock Origin, ClearURLs, Decentraleyes, PrivacyBadger.


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same, but with win10 + ios15.1! extensions: adblock for youtube, dark reader, google translate, bitwarden, easy auto refresh, unpaywal, google docs dark mode