Tabs crashing on open

Description of the issue: After not having the Brave Browser open in the background for a while, I go to open it and it presents me with a pop up error and I have to restore the tabs I had open previously. Ever since the last app update, this has been happening 90% of the time I go to open the browser. Not sure why it’s happening, but I wanted to create a support thread about it.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Close Brave browser from app switcher.
  2. Wait a little (probably 5 or 10 minutes).
  3. Reopen Brave browser.

Expected result: Reopen browser to error pop up saying that I can click “ok” to restore my tabs as there has been an issue.

Brave Version: 1.32.1

Mobile Device details: iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 15.0.2, iOS 15.1 update available

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Can I ask how many tabs you have open when this occurs? I’m inclined to think that its one specific tab in the group that is causing the crash but it’s hard to tell which one it would be.

thanks for this report, i’ve noticed some iOS 15 only crashes at app launch happening to people

Q: Do you have auto close tabs tabs setting enabled?

No i don’t have it enabled.

Honestly I have 23. I know, that’s a lot haha.

Just updated to iOS 15.1 and the problem remains.

It’s same here. Between 3-8 tabs open and it crashes every time. Also, slower & connections are hanging…


iPhone 12 Pro Max. Latest iOS (including the updates).

Same here. Using IOS 15 iPhone 11. Hope get fixed soon.

Hi, few questions to help us narrow down the issue

  • Do you have ‘Auto close tabs’ setting enabled?
  • Do you use Siri shortcuts added to Brave?
  • Do you have Rewards enabled?
  • Do you have Sync enabled?

Please help us testing this fix by joining iOS public beta

Install build 1.32.5 ( and let us know if it helped with crashes and blank webview problems.

  • Do you have ‘Auto close tabs’ setting enabled?
  • Do you use Siri shortcuts added to Brave?
  • Do you have Rewards enabled?
  • Do you have Sync enabled?
    -Yes, for bookmarks


The browser nowadays works like :poop:. Sorry for saying that, but it’s true, at least at my iPhone :confused:

I know :frowning: Please give the public beta a try see if that helps,
it’s a separate app so no risk of losing any data

iOS 15 causes us a lot of problems

It did not help unfortunately

Latest update has not fixed any of the issues.

For me the newest update has fixed the crashing.

Cool. Nothing has changed for me. Maybe next update.

The new update was issued quickly to solve some sync problems.
This tab-open crash will be fixed in build 1.32.3, sorry for getting it so late.

Workaround solution for this is to go to homescreen first before removing the app from app switcher. We have noticed if you immediately swipe up to kill the app, then on next launch it detects as a crash.

This is Apple’s bug for scene lifecycle, happens on plain new builds too.
As I said, we found a fix for that and we hope to ship it asap

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Did you check TestFlight to see if there’s an update available? One popped up a day or two ago.

1.32.3 update is live, please check it out, you may need to go to app store manually to download the update.