TabMixPlus, or something like it


On a 27" monitor, only twenty tabs are permitted before it horizontally wraps (and this is grotesquely inferior, IMO, to simply scrunching them as, say, Opera will do). Ideally, however, is an extension like TabMixPlus to permit additional rows of tabs. (My current “main” browser is the bug-ridden PaleMoon (AKA NewMoon) which runs TabMixPlus; I currently have a dozen rows of 24 tabs each.)

Here’s what Brave could look like, and it’d be freakin’ awesome if it did (even better if I had the option to run tabs as vertical columns instead of horizontal rows):

And, since I am a loudmouthed, opinionated old fart, I’ll be up-front: I don’t care how slick the engine is; if a browser cannot incorporate this mandatory “power browser” necessity (TabMixPlus has been indispensable since 2005), whether by extension or built-in, then power-users will not use you save for accessing the rare page that crashes their other browser. --Because we need more than twenty tabs. We need hundreds of tabs.

Build it in, and you will destroy the competition.


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