TABLI pop-up not working (in either RELEASE or DEV)

@mattches Tagging prior thread…

New, improved TABLI (tab manager) -- but still works only in BRAVE RELEASE (not in DEV)

UPDATE: TABLI is now not opening either in RELEASE (OS Mojave), nor apparently in DEV (acc. to @IceMan_33)…


The popup is completely blank.

@mattches Please accelerate this one.

I rely on TABLI, will have to temporarily detour back to CHROME unless a quick fix (or until a permanent fix) becomes available. Thanks.

(BTW, I switched from DEV to RELEASE back in December because of this issue. At that point, TABLI was no longer working in DEV but worked normally in RELEASE. Now it seems to be dead in the water in both.)

Can you elaborate a bit on what’s not working? On my end, Tabli seems to be working just fine:

Just before seeing your post I removed and reinstalled.

When pop-up appeared I saw this:

Interim fix to get Tabli working on Brave browser again after recent removal of ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder by Brave team.**

Simultaneously noticed that all of my Tabli Saved Bookmarks were gone, now apparently explained by “after recent removal of ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder by Brave team.”

Why was that done (without, afaik, any notice to users)?


The “other bookmarks” issue was fairly widely known and talked about – we got quite a bit of pushback on it and have already begun making some changes to compensate for the change. I’m actually quite impressed with Tabli for making adjustments for Brave specifically :slight_smile:


I’m actually quite impressed with Tabli for making adjustments for Brave specifically

I am, too, especially since in the past the dev swore off doing just that (i.e., support for Chrome only).

So are the Tabli ‘saved bookmarks’ permanently gone or recoverable (preserved in some existing file somewhere, etc.)?

You’d have to ask Tabli, unfortunately :confused:
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience – I know that has the potential to be a ton of work. If Tabli needs Brave team assistance in any way please feel free to send them my way.

@mattches Thanks, I’ll check with him.

I don’t know how the removal of Other Bookmarks came about, but if it was on the Brave side (i.e., not something that occurred because of action taken by the Tabli developer), in the future please communicate such events in some aggressive way. It’s too easy to miss such matters just by browsing through the message lists.

@mattches I received a reply from the TABLI developer. I think I understand the second paragraph of his reply (not included here), but I’m not sure what the first one means:

“I’m not sure where Brave moved the ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder during the auto-migration. I suspect they may have just moved the contents of that folder and gotten rid of the ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder.”

Was ‘Other Bookmarks’ data (“the contents of that folder”) just ‘moved,’ not deleted?

@Mattches Can I get clarification about this from you or some other team member?

If I correctly understood the TABLI developer’s (Antony Courtney) reply, he thought the ‘Other Bookmarks’ bookmarks themselves had been moved elsewhere (to another folder ?) and that only the (empty) Other Bookmarks folder itself had been removed.


P.S. – Where is/are the community thread(s) that dealt with this? (I searched, couldn’t find.) I don’t even know what happened with ‘Other Bookmarks’ or why there was an issue.

@mattches Just to add for clarification:

Several “Tabli Saved Windows” search results display when I search my ‘bookmarks’ in Brave.

Those are the folders where ‘saved’ bookmarks (equivalent to stored browser tabs) are kept.

I assume I have more than one folder with that name from having merged Brave Dev bookmarks with Brave Release bookmarks. They are ‘housed’ under both Bookmarks (top level) and Other Bookmarks.

All of these are now empty.

My main concern is actually less the TABLI Saved Tabs/Bookmarks than all the other bookmarks that were under ‘Other Bookmarks’ and now seem to be gone.

Just keeping this thread alive while I continue my hunt for clues, details, even just tidbits about The Infamous Brave/Tabli ‘Other Bookmarks’ Incident of 2020 (or was it 2019?).

About which I am still totally in the dark, not only as to what exactly happened but whether affected bookmarks were preserved, and if so, where to find them.


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