Tabbing on autofill selection moves text to next field


Windows 7 + Brave 0.19.122

When you cursor down on an autofill option then hit tab, the text gets moved to the next field

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a website that has fields for login + password
  2. Begin typing a login that was previously used
  3. When the autofill recognizes the login, arrow down on to the selection
  4. Hit the Tab button on the keyboard

Expected results: The login field should complete with that autofill selection and then the cursor should be moved onto the password field

Actual results: The login field is not completed, and it appears it moves the rest of the autofill text into the password field


Hi @kmOrinoco,

I’m sorry for late response. Is this still happen in latest stable release (0.20.42)?



Yes, the problem still happens in version 0.20.42. It is easily reproducible, give it a try!


I forgot about this, is this using Brave built-in password manager? I thinks I can reproduce it. :slight_smile: But it seems it’s not like you described in your original post.

The login field’s not completed, but the next field is filled password correctly not with the rest of autofill text. Also cc @sriram on this. Is this a bug or something else? :slight_smile:



Alternatively you can choose the autofill entry without typing it first. Just put the focus to the field and click the entry. :slight_smile:


The problem also happens if you set the “Password Manager” option to “Don’t manage my passwords”


This is a known issue and can be tracked here

closed #7