Tab view scroll


I think it is FF where you can put the mouse pointer in the row of tabs and scroll them horizontally (with the mouse-wheel). It slides the list, but does not change the tab in focus. You can scroll a tab to the mouse and click it without moving the mouse to the tab. Would that be useful with Brave? I guess it changes the pane functions, but maybe the concepts could be combined:

The pane indicator row and the tab row could be rendered scrollable (as per above, and again to view the tabs ahead of click-selecting). I recommend that “course increments” be used rather than fixed panes. It would really be a course scroll in the “panes” row, paired with a fine scroll in the tab row. If you want to view a group of tabs that span the 20th tab (any border between panes), you would not have to toggle between panes to see that set. Would others find this useful?


This could be a neat feature to show the tab preview using the horizontal scroll of tabs but not sure how feasible it will be when you have multiple tab sets.

cc: @brad


It is essentially scrolling tab sets as well. Even 20-tab sets don’t need to be scrolled if they are locked into fixed panes. FF will scroll any number of tabs, but large numbers of tabs would merit a course increment.

My tab preview is on (full page, shadow display on hover). That will not look good scrolling. Strobing of tabs would be irritating (and maybe even dangerous for some people prone to seizures). It is an option that could be turned off when working with large #s of open tabs.


Tab scrolling left and right just like firefox does would be great to have in Brave browser (desktop). But with your own ‘Brave’ flavour of doing things.

This would be essential for using 100-200+ open and used daily tabs.

Also kinetic scrolling of the tabs with settings to adjust acceleration and deceleration etc in the settings.

It has to be essential for when using lots of tabs and very easy to just move the mouse cursor over the tab bar and wheel scroll.

Has my vote!