Tab titles/labels can almost disappear entirely with a crowded tab bar

I often have a lot of tabs open in a browser window, so I’m used to seeing tabs whose titles/labels up in the tab bar only display the first 2 or 3 letters of the full title/label.

But now I’ve seen one for which only the first letter was visible. Since that letter was an ‘I’ there was almost no visible text in the tab title/label.

There were 23 tabs open. I know that’s not good, and I try to ‘cure’ it when I become aware of it, but in the meantime I’m left with a tab bar without visual cues.

Perhaps something can be done about this, since together with the other issue I’ve reported-- titles/labels for tab with focus aren’t brighter than the rest (in a Private window), therefore hard to find – it makes the tab bar difficult to work with.

As a possible solution, couldn’t tabs form a second row once they reach a certain limit, creating a kind of stack directly in the tab bar?

Also, while the ‘Tab’ dropdown menu does help, it only ‘selects’ the tab’s display area – the indistinct tab title/label remains, limiting the usefulness of the dropdown menu in solving the issue I’ve raised.


Mac OS Mojave
Brave Release (“up to date”)


Maybe I shouldn’t have included the word “almost” in the subject line.

I’ve now experienced tabs that display no titles at all – i.e., no identifying text – in the tab bar. I’m able to identify them only when I move the mouse across the ‘black patch’ where they’re located.

Is it not feasible to have the tab bar split into two vertical rows (i.e., a stack) when a certain number of tabs has been reached?

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