Tab titles displayed are those for tabs in other windows than the current one

I don’t know whether this is specific to Dev or not, but that’s the version I’m using so I’m assuming it belongs here.

I keep seeing the titles of tabs in other windows when I hover the mouse pointer over a tab in the currently-open window. The ‘flyover’ displays the titles of tabs that are in the same relative position in their windows.

Why is this happening?



Noticed this one myself. Looking into it now, thanks for the heads up.
You’re using windows, right?

@Mattches No, a Mac.

Any news on this? Happening all the time.

I’m on a Mac.


Sorry for lagging on the response.
This one is on my list. I may have found related issue in GH, will confirm shortly.
Appreciate your patience.

Last reply was Dec '18 2018 so this is the bi-monthly check-in.

Did you ever manage to track down this issue?

These errant ‘phantom’ tab titles are a constant distraction and, as I’ve found out several times, even manage to creep into screenshots before you realize it.

They can pop up just about anywhere on-screen – i.e., not only when hovering the mouse pointer over the tab bar.

Hoping for some good news.


Thank you for bumping this thread. I’ll ask around but this may already be logged. If it’s not I will do so today. The “phantom” tab tiles are visible on my end too, although I’m not sure exactly what makes them appear.
Will return with an issue that I made or found.