Tab title disappears while animating another tab closing

Description of the issue:
The rightmost tab only displays the site logo while you close any other tab. It doesn’t matter if it is the currently active tab or not.
If it is the active tab, it darkens as if it isn’t the active tab for the duration of the animation.

Speculation: the tab closing animation may assume the tab closing is the rightmost one somewhere, as that would be the most likely to close, and it looks right when it is the one being closed.

It’s a minor issue, and purely cosmetic, as the text returns the second the slide animation finishes, but I figured I would report it anyways.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Have at least 2 tabs open
2.close any tab but the rightmost one

Expected result:
The text in the tab listing to stay and the tab to stay highlighted if it was currently selected.

Brave Version:
1.21.73 (Chromium 89.0.4389.72)

Additional Information:
Happens in normal or private browsing mode, but does not in Chrome.
Using Windows 10 - 20H2
Hardware acceleration is on

possibly related which I just discovered: when I close a bunch of tabs, and then drag one to the end, that dragged tab has the same behavior of text missing and looking unselected until I fully drop it. edit: While trying to reproduce this reliably, I realized it’s not the same issue and the tab just completely disappears while dragging in this state sometimes, but releasing it causes it to show up again.

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