Tab-Suchschaltflächen anzeigen / Bug: tab list button - disable permanently

This button is disabled and yet the icon is displayed.

Even if you enable and disable it, it keeps appearing on new windows.

@E001 I think you might be misunderstanding it. Let me point out two things:

  1. It reads Disable mute function in tab speaker icons. This means you must have it enabled if you don’t want the mute function to work. So if you have it off as it is in your screenshot, then clicking on the volume indicator on the tab will mute or unmute sound on that tab.

  2. If you have that toggle on, then you’ll still see the volume icon on the tab to let you know there’s sound coming from that tab. However, clicking on it will do nothing. That’s the purpose of the setting. If off, then clicking the icon will mute/unmute. If setting is on, then clicking does nothing.

Can you confirm that this is how it works for you?:

Nein, das schaltet das kleine Symbol für die TAB Übersicht aus. Aber nicht mehr (wie zuvor) dauerhaft !!!
Das ist der Bug: man muss es immer wieder manuell deaktivieren, obwohl es bereits deaktiviert ist in den Einstellungen!

No, this turns off the small TAB overview icon. But no longer (as before) permanently !!!
That’s the bug: you have to disable it manually again and again, although it is already disabled in the settings!

i have searched the web for the english menu, as it is called. in vain. maybe “tab list button”? at the top far right

@E001 apologies, pictures aren’t easy to translate so I went by placement. When I go to settings and looked under where it said Tabs, my second option was as I explained. But if I would have paid attention, I’d also have seen you have an extra toggle that I don’t have on Windows.

New Tab - Brave 6_5_2023 09_20_16

When I disable the tab search button on Windows, it goes away completely. We will have to try to have others on Mac test this to see if it’s an OS specific issue. That said, I’m also going to ask you to provide a little bit more information and to do some of the basic troubleshooting steps.

Information needed:

  • Which version of Mac are you using? (such as Catalina, High Sierra, Ventura etc)

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (please provide actual version number)

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Does this still happen in private window?

  • If you create a new browser profile, does this still occur?

  • Have you changed anything at brave://flags? If so, try putting back to default and test if it makes a difference.

I’m going to guess the troubleshooting steps will have no impact, but I get surprised sometimes on how it’s a setting or extension that causes very weird conflicts. Since I don’t directly have access to a Mac to see if I can replicate the issue, I figured I’d have you try that.

In the meanwhile, @justsomeone1 and @CerealLover do either of you have Mac to be able to test this issue out? (nvm, had it in my head it was Sunday. Don’t know why I’m missing a day, lol)

@Mattches and @steeven would either of you be able to test on Mac and see if you can replicate? Also if you might have any suggestions?


Yes, if I disable it, it’s off. But in every new window it is activated again (although disabled in the settings).

MacOS: 12.6.6

Brave Version: 1.52.117

No matter if normal or private window: same bug!
In brave://flags i do nothing.

Help you this infos?

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i try brave://flags : reset all. same problem.

Yes, that helped to rule a few things out. We’ll primarily need to wait for Support to follow-up with you since I won’t be able to test and try to replicate on my end.

Yes I can reproduce this — likely will open an issue for this unless this is some weird intentional functionality.

Let me ask our macOS team to see if it is in fact a bug.

I have opened the following issue on or Github for the developers to review:

lol never mind and i do not have mac
and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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