Tab shortcuts do not match Safari

There are two common keyboard shortcuts which I cannot use to control tabs in Brave on iOS (iPadOS, in fact). These two shortcuts are:

  1. ctrl+shift+tab –> this should switch to the previous tab (i.e., cycle tabs in reverse order)
  2. command+shift+T –> this should reopen the last closed tab

To reproduce the issue, open Brave on iPadOS on a device that has a physical keyboard attached. For #1, open multiple tabs and attempt to reverse cycle through them. For #2, close a tab and then attempt to immediately reopen it.

Brave Version: 1.47 (
iPadOS 16.3.1
Appe iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation)
Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

These two keyboard combinations are available in Safari on the same device.


@tcayi please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. Could you please try deleting your cookies from the app to see if the issue is solved?

  1. Launching Brave, tap Menu --> Settings
  2. In the Features section, tap Brave Shields & Privacy
  3. Clear private data > Cache - cookies and site​ data > clear data now

Let me know if that works.

@Kevin_cc I tried the above solution, but neither of the two keyboard shortcut works after.

I toggled the Clear private data such that only Cache and Cookies and Site Data were enabled for clearing. Then I closed the app and restarted iPadOS (overkill, sure). After loading Brave again, I opened a new tab, browed to, and closed the tab with command+W. I could not reopen the same tab with command+shift+T thereafter. I also could not reverse cycle thru my tabs (as before).

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Thanks for your response. Does these commands work if you use it on a different chromium based browser such as chrome or edge?

That’s a pretty good idea to test! I installed Google Chrome from the App Store and confirmed that both shortcuts do work on Chrome. Both still do not work on Brave.

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@tcayi Thanks for the information, I’ve shared this with our team and I’m waiting for further information on the matter. Once our team has answers, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I’ve reached out to the iOS team about this — these keyboard shortcuts (to my knowledge) should work just fine. Will reply here when I have more information.

Thank you

Bumping for the 30-day limit.

Is there anything I can test?

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Is there any available update for Brave on the App store that you can install?

If there’s one, please try updating it and your keyboard drivers to see if it persist.

Be waiting for your response.

Presently, these are the versions of Brave and the OS installed on the iPad:

Brave: 1.48.1 (
iPadOS 16.4

Apple does not release driver updates for the Smart Keyboard Folio, nor can one install driver updates on iPadOS generally (you receive App Store updates and OS updates only).

Is there not a bug report tool to use which can capture a log to ship to the Brave developers?

We typically report bugs on our Github. There is a built-in bug reporting feature but it is primarily used for issues with websites. I’m still unclear on why this isn’t working — I’ve pinged the devs again to get some more info.

Apologies for the wait time here.

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