Tab settings not working


Windows 10 Home (64), Brave 0.13.4

The “when closing an active tab” setting in Tab Settings does not work when the choice is “Select the last viewed tab.” Instead, the rightmost tab is selected when an active tab is closed.

Reproducibility: 100%

There are also some other issues with tab opening, but I’m trying to characterize them better before reporting; it seems that when I right-click-open a site in a new tab, then right-click-open another site in a new tab, both tabs open to the second site.


We do not have “Select the last viewed tab” option; instead “Last active tab”. Would you please make sure you are running the latest version in case?



No it does say “Select the last viewed tab” on windows and the same goes for MacOS and this is running 0.13.4…


Yes it is. I was on the different locale, sorry.


@Jacalz can you confirm the issue for me? I cannot reproduce the issue by myself.


I can not reproduce it too, I get to the last viewed tab as expected :smile:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Brave 0.13.4


Hmmm… I sometimes get the last viewed tab, but sometimes get the rightmost tab. I will continue to investigate to see if I can get a reproducible case.



Please make sure that the tabs bar is under heavy development.

If you would find the consistent steps to reproduce the issue, please do not hesitate to let us know!



OK, I found the case where it’s happening. It all works fine if all three tabs are unpinned, but if Tab 1 is pinned, Tabs 2 and 3 are unpinned, and I view Tab 1(pinned), then switch to and close Tab 3 (unpinned), the page that’s displayed is not Tab 1 (the last viewed tab), but rather Tab 2.

so, View pinned Feedly, switch to and close it and I would expect to see Feedly, but instead, ESPN is shown.

Hope this helps.

Pinned Tabs issues

I can now reproduce the issue and I created a issue for it on github that you can track here:


Closing thread as GitHub issue is logged for tracking.

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