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I have recently started using Brave and find it very intuitive. As a new user, there is one feature that I’m having mixed sentiments about, related to the tab preview.

The layout of the browser requires the user to send the mouse pointer over the first couple of open tabs in order to get to the often-used browser navigation controls (reload, back, forward). If that action doesn’t happen very quickly, then the user inadvertently receives a preview of the tab they are moving over. At a minimum, it makes the browser look very busy, and at worst, it hides the view of the current tab, so that you briefly lose sight of the page you’re trying to navigate.

This also presents a bit of a user problem when the page has controls of its own at the top of its page. You point towards the site control, overshoot a bit over a tab, and inadvertent actuation of the preview happens. There does not appear to be a buffer zone between the tabs and the main viewing area, to prevent an inadvertent tab preview.

I’m curious if different speeds have been tried to show the tab preview, as I think a very slightly slower transition might resolve both of these observations.

And in reading through prior posts, I see there may be a way to turn off this feature, and I’ll look for it (just found it…).

Otherwise, it’s quickly becoming my favorite browser… thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback @radiogeek1,

Yes, you’re right. You can disabled tab preview in Preferences > Tabs.

And regarding the speed before the tab previewed, user will have option to set the time in the future, IIRC.


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