Tab preview on hover should change the URL?


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When hovering on different tabs the page changes, but not URL which is a bit confusing. It’s like you’re seeing different page, but the URL in the bar is incorrect. I think both page and its URL should match when displaying preview.

How do you find the suggestion? Does anyone experience such a problem? Let’s talk :smile:


I agree that the URL-displayed and the page-displayed should always be in sync, however I also think that there is a broader issue concerning the hover feature, that needs to be addressed, Namely that Hover (on/off) should be a selectable option under preferences; it should not e a mandated-unalterable feature. I personally find the hover feature to be an annoyance, which interferes with my work while I do understand that other users may like it. Brave’s Hover feature is sufficiently different from the behavior of other browsers that it should be implemented at the user’s discretion. It alsoadds computing cycle overhead to Brave’s overall performance, which some users may not care for.


In a future it’ll be added to about:welcome and the users will be noticed that option.

I made a suggestion here to address the concern.


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