Tab pinning, pinned tab loading & url hover display

Dear Brave users & team,

This feature-request/feedback post focuses on three separate things.

Dragging a tab left to pin it

To my knowledge, pinning a tab is available through right-click/Pin or via shortcut (original mapping cmd+shift+P). However, I believe the way Safari handles it really adds something to the user experience: dragging a tab to the left pins it. IMO it’s much more confortable and would probably appeal to some users who are like me, especially those newly acclimating to Brave and coming from Safari.

Prevent pinned tabs from (pre)loading at startup

When launching Brave, it appears that pinned tabs are automatically loading, which is a bit a of performance waste when one doesn’t want to consult them right when opening the browser. Once again, for a user like me who keeps frequent pages pinned (such as heavy shared sheets and Drive folders), IMO Safari handles it much better by loading pinned tabs only upon opening of those tabs. Pre-loading does not appear useful to me and is even a disadvantage. I sometimes close all my pinned tabs upon exiting the browser and put them back on the next day, that’s how much I find it annoying.

Link address display on hover

A third, less exigent feedback that I could think of is that, to my knowledge, there is no way whatsoever to disable the url address preview in the bottom left of the browser upon hovering a link, which could be nice to have.

Thank you for your consideration, and the great work.