Tab list screen in Android

Today’s update (1.18.77) changed the tab list screen from a linear list of items into a 3D-like stack of pages.

Personally I don’t like it at all, it makes it very hard to see what tabs you have open and switch between them.

In fact, I’d like it if the list was even smaller that the previous one, with each tab taking up less vertical space in the list.

Can we at least get an option to revert to the previous screen?

I think you can set it in settings (simplified view). I think update just turned it on/off.
3D “stack of pages” was on previous versions of brave too.
Last time I saw topic where someone complained that they turned 3D stack into list :slight_smile:

I went through all the settings (not that there are many to begin with) before posting, but I couldn’t find it.

Do you know where in the settings it can be found?