Tab layout order

brave is really nice - so why do I hate to use it anyway?
The answer is simple: The Tab-Layout is a disaster . Who has decided to place the ‘x’ to delete a tab on the right side of the tab. Right now the order is favicon text x. But for ergonomic and eye-friendly use and layout - even if you use short cuts - it should be x favicon text.
I bet there are many users who dislike it so much that they really avoid to use brave for this. At least there should be a settings option where you can choose the order. Please… Thank you!

Just so I’m clear (I’m not connected to the Brave company in any way), can you name a well-known browser that does not default to this UI tab design (icon text X)?

I’ve checked Chrome (Dev and Canary channels), Firefox Dev, Opera Dev, MS Edge (Chrome arch). The rationale that “no one would use Brave” because of this UI tab design, means they’re also not using other popular browsers : )