Tab key autocomplete for text fields not working as expected


If you have multiple fields that frequently are autocompleted, the behaviour is quite strange if you use TAB. If you highlight the word (with key down) and press the TAB key, it wold autocomplete the NEXT field instead of the one you are in.
Case example:

  • I position on field FIRST NAME and press KEY_DOWN.
  • The autocomplete shows my name: “Frank”. I press KEY_DOWN again to highlight it.
  • If I press KEY_TAB, it would skip to the next field, LAST NAME and autocomplete “Frank” on the second field (LAST NAME).

The expected behaviour should be (as in Chromium) that when the word highlighted it should already autocomplete it unless you cancel with KEY_UP or ESC.


I have the same problem mentioned by @nowit… This problem is bothering me any field that I try to complete.


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