Tab key autocomplete for text fields not working as expected (particularly email, in forms)


10.13.2 Mac user running Brave 0.20.42 —

Quite simply, my first day using Brave, and how blown away I am by the quick page load speeds (especially on sites like Forbes etc.).

After logging into a couple social networks, I noticed my email appearing as an autocomplete function, and I wanted to push “down arrow tab” to select it from the list of autocompletes (despite being a one item list with default set to no-select), down arrow successfully highlights the item in the list, as expected, but hitting tab does not put this list item value (the email string) into the form field I am trying to populate efficiently.

Is this expected behavior? First post over here, thanks to the developers for putting this together. I can see all the effort put in here. Cheers.

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