Tab Handling currently a deal breaker


I uninstalled it !

Yes i did. After only a few minutes i had worked out that in this form, sadly, it’s not for me. Now this refers to the windows version ok. If OK i would have it installed on my Mac as well; not on my android phone, as i use my phone mainly, well as a phone…

But since i see enough potential i signed up for the forum (as the look and feel is great and yes it load pages i go to much faster; where the self-destructing cookies add-on btw?), to let the creators know, maybe it’ll get fixed… maybe… :grinning:

OK so what’s my grievance you might wonder. Well, for a browser that starts with: it’s all about the internet, it’s all about the browsing experience, something very basic goes wrong here. Tabs ! Yes tabs. I cannot understand this behaviour. :dizzy_face: I use a lot of tabs, and i mean a lot. To illustrate this, let me give you an example. I have several portable Palmoons installed. One that handle general stuff, one for sports (with grouped tabs for soccer, F1, NBA, etc), one for ebay etc you get the picture, all with their own add-ons relevant to that particular category (otherwise you end up with 50 add-ons) slowing you down even further. I have another one for my orange/raspberry pi projects, which probably has a couple HUNDRED tabs ! So knowing that one might be able to see that tab behaviour for ME is a deal breaker. :sob:

OK so here goes…

How is grouping tabs (that cannot be named mind you) in random lots handy ? :roll_eyes: I still have to click on every single one of them, to find the one i’m after. And seriously nothing should load until i click on it, please ! Otherwise with the number of tabs i have i still have to wait a long time while it’s loading. Tabs for the right experience need to be able to be grouped according to the user. Like the way the old Gekko Opera browser did it using stacking (somthing like version 12.64 or something like that). Vivaldi does something similar these days, just not as nicely i think (but those guys come from Opera right, so one can see where they got it from). Even if it were done along the line of some firefox add-ons, tabgroup manager revived or the “tab groups” add-on. That’s it.

So in summary if i could put a name on that tabgroup in Brave, as well as, being able to put a number of tabs in it to my choosing (not a fixed number for all tabs), i’d probably switch my browser. Whther i would switch all of my Palemoon portables? Hard to say; having 6 different portable Palemoons with say over a hundred tabs each on average inside one browser probably would slow down even Brave, and probably would require subgroups. either way i could install them all to different locations and do it that way. Either way, my use of Brave falls and stands with the above mentioned tab handling !

that’s my 2 cents