Tab groups "greyed out"; can't read labels

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Description of the issue:
Brave has got into the habit of secretly creating a second empty window behind the one I am using. So when I close what I think is the only window, all my tabs and tab groups vanish, and next time I open Brave I get just a few pinned tabs, and I have to laboriously keep adding new tabs to make tab groups reappear. This morning it was even worse: all my carefully restored tab groups have their labels so dimmed I cannot read them.
How can this issue be reproduced?
I have no idea!

Expected result:
No gratuitous empty windows. All tab groups restored and visible, because I always have “open where I left off” enabled.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.62.156 Chromium: 121.0.6167.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:
Cannot reach Brave Community either via Brave or via Chrome; all I get are dancing dots. I am using Firefox.

Thanks for reaching out to us.
It sounds like there might be something going on with your Brave profile that is causing both of the issues.


:point_up: When a browser window is closed, it can usually be recovered by relaunching the browser, going to Menu --> History and finding the group of tabs last opened under Recently closed, then clicking Restore window:

As for the main issue, can you please tell me a bit more about the extra window that is being opened? For example, when does this window open? If you have all browser windows closed and launch Brave for the first time, does it launch two windows? If not, then at what point exactly does the second window appear? Can you consistently reproduce the behavior?

Can you also tell me if you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Thank you

I have no idea when the empty window opens, because it opens behind the active window, and I do not discover it until I close the active window. This behavior has not been consistent until just the last few days.

Extensions: Fakespot, Roboform, Onetab. That’s it. I can do without Fakespot; I can do without Onetab if Brave natively pins tabs; Roboform is my psw mgr, and is essential; it is installed on every browser, including Firefox, which I am using for this exercise.

I wonder if Brave has a limit on number of tabs and/or tab groups? I have 21 tab groups and upward of 300 tabs, most of them in groups.

I’m well acquainted with the recovery steps you mention, having had to use them so many times. This morning there were two entries for number of tabs. I picked the larger number, which was the second entry. Maybe that was my mistake?

All I can think of to do now is spend an afternoon copying each tab group (can tab groups be copied?) to a new Brave window that I open myself, then delete everything from the old one before closing it.


Not super clear on what’s going on here — if you are using the method I mentioned to restore your window, you shouldn’t need to copy any of your tabs/tab groups or anything. Clicking Restore window should bring back the window in the same state it was in when it was closed.

So you close the browser, see that there’s a second window, so that one gets closed. Then you launch Brave again which opens a new blank window. When you go to History --> Restore window, this should open the window that you just had open (and were working in) exactly the way you had it before. Where does the “copying over” step come in here?

No limit here, so that’s not the issue.

I’m inclined to think that one of your extensions — likely “Onetab” — is causing the issue with the second window. Can you please try removing the Onetab extension and browse normally for a bit and see if the issue still occurs?

OK, I closed and removed Onetab, closed the active (only) Brave window, and opened Brave again. This is what greets me:

Is this not what you’re looking for?

Also, what I’d like to know is whether or not that second window now appears as you use the browser.

You do not see that the few tab groups displayed are unreadable? I have 21 tab groups. Where are the rest of them? Why are their labels “greyed out”? The only way I have found to get the rest of the tab groups (and unpinned tabs) displayed is to repeatedly click new tab. A few more tab groups or tabs appear along with each new tab.

Because I cannot function with unreadable tab-group labels, I propose to reconstruct the entire set in a new window that I (not some gremlin) will create. Can tab groups be copied?

Apologies but I am unclear about what you mean when you say the tabs are “greyed out”/“unreadable” as I think the tab groups shown are easily read. Maybe the yellow one is a little muddled with that color but far from unreadable.

Is there any chance you can get a quick screen recording of this behavior? It would go a long way as I can clearly see what the behavior is and I can open an issue for our developers to review.

The tab-group labels were sharp and clear until yesterday. Now they are all muddy and, to me, unreadable. The tab-group labels on Chrome are still sharp and clear.

It turns out, now, that some tabs and most tab groups reappear by themselves…eventually. After leaving Brave alone for an hour, most finally showed up, except for a string of unpinned tabs. Still muddy labels, though.

Tab group “ToDo” on Brave:
Tab group ToDo on Brave.jpg

Tab group “ToDo” on Chrome:
Tab group ToDo on Chrome.jpg

This is not fun. I started transferring tabs to a new window. The first few I pinned, as they were in the old window. Next I started individually moving the tabs from the first tab group to the new window. Finished that, and clicked Add tabs to group…, where I saw a list of the same groups as in the old window. So I picked the correct group; and all the moved tabs except pinned disappeared! Gone. Could I find them in History (which is the first pinned tab in both windows)? No! History ends at 12:45PM in the new window; nothing I have added displays there. But each of the tabs I selected from the old window displays in the old-window history, from 1:21PM to 1:24PM. I guess I have to delete all tab groups from the new window before I can put them back?

Tab group ToDo on Brave.jpg

Tab group ToDo on Chrome.jpg

Even worse: when I succeed in creating a new tab group in the new window, its brand new label is greyed out. I guess I’ll have to give up on Brave, find a less recalcitrant browser. Chrome and Edge are out; the first is unreliable, the second has security issues and too much marketing hype. Firefox appears not to support tab groups. I’ll try Opera.

Tab group ToDo on Brave.jpg

Tab group ToDo on Chrome.jpg

If you’d like to continue troubleshooting, I’d be happy to do so.

The three issues I’m seeing here are:

  1. Sometimes, a second window opens while you’re browsing. I am curious to know if this has happened since removing the extension.

  2. Often because of issue one above, you have to use the Restore window function, which is not fully functioning as it does not return the window to the exact state it was in. That said, I’m still quite confused by the behavior you’re describing here — as I said previously, if you could get a recording of this behavior (what it looks like when you restore your window and then what happens when you click “new tab” or whatever you typically click to make the tabs appear).

  3. Tab group text is hard for you to read. One thing I would suggest is to try using a different theme color than the green one you’re using now, as it seems to be clashing with the tab group colors you have selected. Maybe just change the theme color to the normal “light” theme (Settings --> Get Started --> Profile name and icon, second option in the top row) and observe the tab group labels/colors again. Do they still look “greyed out”?

  1. Addressing #3 first. Tab group text CHANGED in appearance between Feb 5 and Feb 6. On Feb 5 it was readable: bright clear colors, text easily visible. On Feb 6: muddy, to the point of illegibility, even in the new window I opened, when I created a new tab group there. My conclusion: Brave developers changed something. I did not change anything in any settings. Tab groups in Chrome retain their bright clear colors, so it’s not my eyes.

  2. Not sure how to proceed here. The only time I get a “restore window” option is when I start the system and then click the Brave icon in the taskbar, after an unexpected second Brave window had been quietly opened in the previous session behind the window I was using, and that second window is the last Brave window closed. I will have to wait for that to happen again; with any luck, it won’t. Meanwhile, what sort of recording device would I use? This is not something I have ever needed to do, heretofore.

  3. Since I removed the extension just today, this will have to wait until another occurrence, if any.

For screen recording, we have several free options suggested here:

Yes, the design was changed and I am not claiming that it is your eyes. I am saying that the labels get harder to read with the green themed background you have, after the changes. So in the interim, if you want to continue using Brave, I would recommend trying a different color theme for the browser, as it may be easier to read.

I have tried assorted minimalist color themes; tab-group labels are muddy in all I’ve tried. Where can I request developers undo this wretched change? What was the change for, anyway?? What has been accomplished, besides making users’ lives miserable?

Para abordar los problemas que has identificado:

  1. Para solucionar el problema de la apertura ocasional de una segunda ventana mientras navegas, sería útil verificar si este problema persiste después de eliminar la extensión. Esto podría requerir un seguimiento cuidadoso de tu navegación para identificar cualquier patrón o desencadenante específico que provoque la apertura de la segunda ventana.

  2. Respecto al problema de la función de restauración de ventanas que no devuelve la ventana al estado exacto anterior, podrías considerar grabar un video de tu pantalla para proporcionar una comprensión más clara del comportamiento que estás experimentando. Esto permitiría una mejor identificación del problema y su posible solución.

  3. Para mejorar la legibilidad del texto en el grupo de pestañas, podrías probar cambiar el color del tema a uno que no entre en conflicto con los colores del grupo de pestañas seleccionado. Por ejemplo, cambiar al tema “claro” normal y luego observar si las etiquetas y colores del grupo de pestañas siguen siendo difíciles de distinguir. Esto podría ayudar a determinar si el problema está relacionado con el color del tema utilizado.

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