Tab groups can't be deactivated

I do not want to use tab groups, but since today, the feature not only can’t be deactivated but isn’t displayed at all in the settings.
Is there no possibility to activate/deactivate it any more? In this case I would have to look for another Browser.
I’m using Android 8.0.0 on Oukitel K8, Bravo-Version ist
Thanks for advice


I’m just as annoyed as you are. Came here looking for answers, but the answer is that they took the option away. So now you’re stuck with this with NO control over it or way to turn it off.

I suggest adding your Vote to this Request thread I stumbled across: Add tab cascade layout back to android


Confirmation that this is NOT a bug and that they removed it on purpose:


Yep, same here, they have removed the feature of disabling tab group, I too don’t like this new tab switcher, previous one was way better.

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