Tab discard problem

If you used the search function, you would have found the Memory Saver settings. Also, Memory saver is disabled by default, so I don’t know why you are saying it not optional.

You can exclude sites in brave://settings/system… and you can adjust more things by enabling flags which enable more settings in the System section as well.

Also, Chromium doesn’t freeze (when you collapse tab groups) tabs that have the Notification permission on, so you can add the domain like if they used notifications in brave://settings/content/notifications and control it that way. I don’t know if notification permission matters for the discarding, only the frozen state, but since there is an exclusion place to add sites in settings, then use that.

Browser putting background tabs in lower priority, is not the same as discarding, backgrounding processes is a normal thing to avoid resources that shouldn’t happen, like when you watch a video muted and you go to another tab, the video might stop because it is useless to play a video that is muted in the background.
Tabs can also know when you are focusing or not in them, like when you use Tiktok or Facebook and you try to switch tabs, well, videos will get stopped, that could easily be done (and removed) by JavaScript, so how do you know the websites you are talking about doesn’t have something similar?

To make sure you are correct about tabs getting discarded go to brave://discards, don’t just say tabs are getting discarded, test properly, don’t make assumptions.

Like the mic thing and ‘websites don’t work properly sometimes’, if it is an adblocker issue, you can easily report it and get it fixed, even from the browser’s menu Alt+e and help → report broken site.

About the Mic, you can easily find this post

and understand the issue, it is not Brave not wanting to do it, it is google’s non-standard implementations which still are a problem today. even some people in the Github issue said it didn’t work and other said, it works, and Microsoft has power and money Brave doesn’t have.
I am not going to also discuss the whole “using Brave but wanting to give Google my voice data” but it doesn’t make much sense as well. But people can do whatever they want, they can’t just blame Google for Brave not having money to throw at Speech APIs and stuff only few users would use when there are more things to be done with the Browser.