Tab Closing Functionality

Would you please consider a button that closes all open tabs and clears the data, like many other browsers have? For example, the DuckDuckGo fire button? Or a closing the app closes all tabs button? These are the only things missing from this browser that makes it less than superb for me.

This already exists. On Mobile you just press and hold down on the tabs button and you’ll see a prompt that allows you to close all tabs, close one tab, view recently closed tabs, or to add a bookmark for the open tabs.

On Desktop it works slightly different, but option is there to where you can toggle whether closing the browser closes all tabs or not. Otherwise you right mouse click on a tab and you can Close other tabs and it will close all but the one tab you’re on.

If you want it to clear cookies or other data, you just need to enable that in your settings. There are toggles for On Exit that will clear things when you close the browser.

Btw, you should always make sure to include more information when you seek help or make requests. For example, is this for Android, iOS, Desktop, or something else?

Okay I feel like an idiot now. But I honestly would never have known to do this from the settings and browser instructions. Thank you so much for the help with this.