Tab Bug and MSN incompatibility


Great Internet Browser, particularly happy with the free use of effective Ad blocking software.
Two issues I’ve encountered numerous times recently.
1. MSN does not work ever, even if I disable shields. This is how it looks.


2. Tabs can not be accessed anymore, unless I reset the browser. I think it occurs when I sleep my computer. I can hover over some tabs and it shows me it, eg. the preview, however will not open. It may also be caused by the number of tabs.


Per the posting guidelines please provide the requisite info so we can investigate in an efficient manner.



Tab Bug
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open some tabs (Maybe 4+)
  2. Sleep the computer / Use other apps/programs, ie.leaving Brave running
  3. Go back to Brave, open tab works, but some of the other tabs don’t as shown in previous pictures.

Actual Result: Can not open tab, sometimes gets preview of tab, also cannot delete tab without shutting down Brave

Expected Result:
That the tabs would open normally without issue (I think this is what this part means, sorry)

Reproduces how often:
Pure guess 50%

Reproducible on current live release:
It happened just an hour ago, on version 0.19.88

Brave Version: 0.19.88

That’s it, I hope this helps developers :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem, but it doesn’t have to do with sleep. I open 4 tabs by default and when I use one tab for a while I can’t open one tab anymore. Often that happens to Trello, because I don’t use it that much, but has also occurred to the gmail tab.