Tab Bar Unresponsive and Laggy on macOS (arm64) After Update to Version 1.64.109

Hello Brave Team,

I am experiencing a recurring issue with the Brave browser on my macOS (arm64) platform since updating to the latest version (1.64.109). The problem specifically pertains to the tab bar (the row below the address bar), where opening new tabs results in substantial lag and unresponsiveness.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Update Brave browser to version 1.64.109 on macOS (arm64).
  2. Attempt to open a new tab using either the “+” button or a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Observe the responsiveness of the tab bar and the time taken for the new tab to become active.

Actual Result:
Clicking on the tab bar to open new tabs leads to significant stuttering and delays. The issue persists consistently, rendering the tab bar almost unusable.

Expected Result:
The tab bar should open new tabs smoothly and without delay, as was the case in previous versions of the Brave browser.

Additional Testing:

  • The issue also occurs in Incognito Mode, suggesting that it is not related to any extensions or custom settings.
  • I have attempted to restart the browser and the operating system, but the problem remains unresolved.


  • Device: [Your Device Model]
  • Operating System: macOS (arm64)
  • Brave Version: 1.64.109

I would appreciate any guidance on resolving this issue or information on whether this is a known bug with the current release. Thank you for your attention to this matter.