System wide action extension

I want to flag again an issue that I had alerted about earlier (FieryFeeds extension issue) but that now is more manifest: Brave in macOS doesn’t allow for system wide action extensions, as opposed to Safari.
Concretely that means that I can see a system wide action extension (e.g. Fiery Feeds Read Later) in Safari (see screenshot), but not in Brave (see second screenshot). Can this be addressed somehow?

I went to test this myself but realized that the extensions carries a heftier price tag than anticipated. You say that this option shows up in Safari but can you test another browser (not Brave) to see if it shows up there? I’m wondering if it’s a permissions issue and it would make sense that it works with Safari as it’s their proprietary web browser.

I did already. It only works in Safari. Not in Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Cliqz. But according to the developer it is not an issue of proprietary access, but simply of Chromium and Firefox not granting system wide access. But I am not a technical person. I suggest you reach out directly to the developer at His name is Lukas and he is very responsive.

The developer has now created a Share Extension and that works in Brave (and anywhere else on Mac). See screenshot. It is accessible via File > Share > … . (To activate select File > Share > More … > Share Menu).
Is there a way though to have the Share Extension directly in the top bar, so that it becomes one-click, or alternatively create a simple keyboard shortcut (the obvious solution - System Preferences < Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > + > [Brave Browser / Read Later / chosen shortcut] - doesn’t work) ?


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