System default in Theme

Hi, Why there is no system default in Theme on android? Please bring it back.

I have 1.12.113 version brave browser app android and my phone model is SM-J330FN and 9 android version.


@Mattches Hello, can you read this? and i have been waiting for one day but no one answer me yet.

I have no idea why there is not System default theme option for you anymore. It is showing up on my Android device (Galaxy S9+) as normal. Have you made any changes and/or enabled/disabled any flags in the browser recently?

Yeah, i did enabled/disabled something in flags but don’t work and no system default there yet but i’ve uninstalled Brave app from my phone and then i reinstalled it again but don’t work yet

Maybe i did wrong something in flags?

You can check by going to brave://flags and electing to “reset” them to default and see if that returns the option to the menu.

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I reset them all but don’t work :frowning:

Do you have any special theme settings implemented on your device?

Yes, see screenshot

And I had system default for Brave on my phone before and now it’s disappeared… I don’t know why.

If you disable the System’s theme settings does the option re-appear in Brave?

Yes i did it what you said but it don’t work and system default is still not appear in Brave, anyway, i think this is buggy or Brave team’s fault but can you ask them about this?


Anyone? I’ve been waiting for 3 days ago now and no one reply yet.

@Mattches Hi again, theme system default is working fine with other apps like instagram but not for Brave, I don’t know why, weird.

@Mattches @sampson @Aa-ron Please answer me, i need help, i waited for 8 days

Pls don’t ignore this issues, it’s really important

Can you tell me what OS version you’re using (on your device)?

@Mattches ok

Here is screenshot:

And i tested google chrome and system default is appeared there in my phone

look screenshot

@Mattches can you check screenshot? sorry for spam, i have been waiting for 2 days again.

No you’re all good thats on me – I meant to reply to this earlier. We’re not entirely sure why this is the case – it appears that this functionality should only be possible on Android 10, yet you’re showing that this option appears in Chrome while on Android 9. We’re digging into the reasoning and I do appreciate your patience on this.

Okay I see but i heard they said there is no android 10 for my phone, probably but we will find out how is system default not work and working fine with other apps like chrome and instagram but waiting for new update for brave app if it fix or not.

Thank you for the fast response.

The current theory is that you’re using a custom UI like Samsung OneUI or Redmi MIUI or something similar that the OS itself isn’t directly providing and we’re only checking the OS to enable this option.

My phone is Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) and Android 9

Here is link:

And you can check full specifications of this phone