System crashes when you withdraw funds to back account but try to add more the next day

When you withdraw funds from your wallet into your bank account and then try to login to add more the web page complete shuts down. While this is not something that anyone would do on a regular basis I thought I would bring it to someone’s attention anyway. I did this because I wanted to see if I could actually withdraw. I withdrew $20 in BAT to my account but when I attempt to login to put it back you can’t. The system crashes.

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Withdraw funds into bank account using Uphold
  2. Go back to Brave and click add funds

**You should be able to add funds but the system crashes even the next day **

Brave Version V1.13.86

Additional Information:

Thank you for the information – I’m passing this on to our Uphold contacts right now to get some eyes on it.

Would it be possible for you to share a short screen recording of the issue as it appears on your end? We’d like to see the exact steps you take to prouce the issue

SORRY! I sent a video and I just realized it was sent back because it was too long. Here’s a YouTube link. This is still occurring today.

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