Syntax of Brave search

I’ve tried to find details of the search syntax in Brave. I’ve not found them.

I’d like to know what syntax I can use to make a Brave search more specific.

Things like:

  • bracketing depth
  • AND / OR / NOT
  • quoting specific strings
  • wild cards

for starters.


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I recently brough this topic up with Jan Piotrowski. According to him:

Search commands like this are not common, even with power users, so it’s been a low priority. However, there is an issue that’s been tracked about it.

He also reminded that they have less than 10 people working on Search, thus emphasized patience definitely is going to be key as they continue working on projects and trying to improve on it.

Also, just a FYI, I just sent a follow-up message to him just showing that another person is making this request. Not to pressure or annoy him, but just so he can see it in words beyond my own.

Thanks very much. Appreciated.

I’ll hope for progress, but plan on no foreseeable changes.

I’m moving back to planned searches, as I’m finding the assumption based search engines fail too often. (For example in Twitter there’s a rich query syntax which I find useful.)

I, however, get that many people don’t care.

Others may be responding in the way I am. I increasingly, access parts of the web via my pre-existing searches and, where I can, use my internal information systems in preference. (The web is just too time wasting.)

What, how are the search commands not common. I don’t know if I am necessarily a power user, but it is one of the first problems I encountered since switching from google 2 days ago. It is one of the few useful things we learned in highschool.