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Odd support/compatibility issue: Login to Synology DSM (6.2.2) “locks up” or “freezes” on one of four devices I have (DS716+)

DSM login screen: Username, Password, [Sign In] After providing credentials, page updates to “Processing. Please wait…” and nothing happens

Repeat the same process with Firefox (Quantum 67.0.4), Chrome (75.0.3770.100), Edge (44.17763.1.0) and even IE (11.504.17763.0) & it moves to the main “desktop” DSM page. Same results on the three (3) other Synology systems in my environment. It’s just the one box, running the same version of DSM as the others, that won’t behave with Brave.

Brave: Version 0.66.99 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This is very, very strange. No clue what’s going on here, particularly when it’s reproducible only with the one device.

Does it work with sheilds off?

It does not; and the shields setting doesn’t impact the other boxes.

Can you try logging in using a Private browsing session? I sometimes see this behavior surrounding caching errors – using a Private session is generally a good (and quick) way to test this theory.

Interesting new data…

  1. attempting to open the login with private browsing results in Brave opening the URL in the non-private window, even when Private was opened as a different window. The URL I’m trying to open is “http://sync:5000
  2. opening the login page with the IP address (instead of URL) results in correct function in both private and non-private windows.

I think there’s something related to that URL rather than the HTML application itself.

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@millardjkVery interesting. Perhaps it’s the upgrade to Secure HTTP connection that’s causing the issue? You could try ( in a standard tab) visiting the site/login, Shields = Up, but with the Connections upgraded to HTTPS option toggled “Off”

Can’t be it: same situation when I expressly enter https://sync:5001, bypassing any sort of “upgrade to https” automation either in the browser or by application redirect (which I have turned off in DSM).

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