Syncing to Email in Brave

I was having an issue of being logged out of all websites in brave. So I reinstalled it but it was of no use. So I decided to start the sync chain again .My data was being synced in my email. When I chose to delete the current sync it displayed a message that “all my data can be retrieved after I re-login again with my email” . But after that I am not getting any option to re-login with my email or sync data in my email. If someone can help it would be very helpful because I had lots of important data.

This has nothing to do with Brave, as you know Brave doesn’t offer an email service and does not do anything to sync email.

No such thing ever appears in Brave. Either you’re seeing something from a website you’re visiting, you’re using a fake version of Brave, or that’s a notice from an extension you have running.

Again, no such thing exists within Brave. Not sure what you were using or doing where you saw that.

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