Syncing queries?

Recently been facing an issue regarding syncing Brave, between laptop and smart phone.

A few queries:

  1. Sync would work only IF BOTH the devices are using the same carrier, NOT if the Andriod has a different carrier vs. W11 laptop adsl modem?

  2. Doe sync work back and forth, i.e. from Andriod to laptop and vice versa or just laptop to Andriod?

  3. Do I need to connect the Andriod via Wi-Fi to the modem to update sync?

Hoping to hear back from you experts.


  1. Shall syncing be back and forth, i.e from Android to laptop OR only one way, laptop to Android only?

  2. Sync can occur with ANY carrier and do I need to connect Android to WIFI too, not just with mobile data?

Hoping to hear back.


Syncing between both occurs:

  1. When both (laptop and Andriod) are connected to the same carrier. NOT when Andriod is connected to a different.

  2. For sync to update it won’t using the carrier’s mobile date 4G LTE, but needs to be connected to laptop’s dsl modem Wi-Fi too?

@Mike1025 I’m not tracking on everything you are saying. But plain and simple, Sync works in all directions across devices as long as they are on the same sync chain and have given permissions to share.

So all of this stuff about the same carrier, modems, wifi, etc doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to sync between Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, Mac, and whatever else might end up as having official versions of Brave.

Obviously they need to be connected to the internet to sync, but that’s about all that matters. Internet + on same sync chain = they’ll sync whatever you chose to sync.

Thanks @Saoiray for the expert reply with which I totally agree, i.e.

Internet + on same sync chain = they’ll sync whatever you chose to sync.

BUT it doesn’t work for my 2 devices. Laptop and Andriod, both need to be one the same carrier and Andriod connected via Wi-Fi for bookmarks and passwords to be synced. Both are on the sync chain.

Thanks anyways, I’ll keep using changing the carrier when to update.

Best regards for your expert assistance, appreciate it.

Update @Saoiray

  1. I was able to create a new sync chain, BUT using the specific carrier.
  2. Now sync works back and forth.
  3. But for that to happen, I can remain the Brave on laptop with the faster carrier, but have to change the sim slot on Andriod to the earlier specific carrier. It won’t occur with the faster on Andriod. maybe it has to do with Brave required DNS?
  4. And when switched to the specific 4G LTE on the Andriod, don’t require it to be connected to WIFI.

To sum up though Brave works fine individually on both, but to create a sync chain for the 1st time need that carrier, not after for laptop but for Andriod to keep sync updating with W11 I need to switch the sim slot. has to do with with Brave’s DNS incompatibility with the faster carrier.

Wanted to update.

There should be a sticky on how to sync Brave on desktop (W11) and on Andriod. A suggestion.

it’s a great browser but sync is a problem, unlike G. Chrome.

I’d probably search for others that sync…

Thanks anyways.

I think the problem is not with carrier, but how device internet is configured. It is called limited connection or data saving mode or whatever else and the purpose to stop background connections to save traffic.

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Thanks any ideas how to fix it.

I got synced using custom DNS CloudFlare vs. Secure…is that fine and secure?


@Mattches would you have any clues on this one?

Just for clarity, the only things that need to be true to Sync between two devices (in this case, Android and Windows desktop) is to have an active internet connection (note that they do not need to be on the same WiFi network) and having both devices on the Sync chain, as @Saoiray stated. Additionally, you must have the data types enabled that you’d like to Sync in Settings --> Manage Synced Devices.

I believe @0x007 is on the right track here — it seems to me that you likely have some setting (probably on Android) that is stopping background network connections/transfers from happening, which would explain why it doesn’t Sync as expected. “Data Saver” mode on Android would explain this. There is also a setting that I see on my end (on Samsung Galaxy S22) when I go to Settings --> Connections --> Mobile networks --> Data usage I can enable a “limit mobile data” option which may also interfere with the Syncing process.


@Mattches , thanks for the reply and recommendations. I don’t have any set data limit on my Andriod, rather is unlimited. Syncing works fine back and forth (without Wi-Fi) only when in Brave >Settings > Privacy/Shields >Use secure DNS have another provider checked CloudFlare vs Use your current service provider.

Thanks again. No issues since have checked CloudFlare on the Andriod, while on laptop is on default i.e. using current service provider.

Best regards, and have a great Sunday.

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