Syncing Issues between computers

Bookmark syncing issue:

I’ve been experiencing this issue for months now and I can’t seem to find a solution or fix, even with a previous forum post…
I have 2 computers: iMac 2015 running 10.14, and a MacBook Air 2017 on 10.14

Every time I initiate a sync between my iMac’s Brave bookmarks onto my MacBook air, the MacBook air constantly either shuffles the bookmarks around or duplicates/triples entries. I have unsynced my laptop, cleaned out Brave, reset/empty cache, etc. and the issue returns when I perform a new sync from my iMac. It decides to move bookmarks around, take some out of their folders and place them into the toolbar, it’s beyond me why it has a mind of it’s own. The bookmarks on my iMac are fine and haven’t shown any signs of odd activity.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Many uses have been reporting this issue and the team is currently at work with several Sync revisions to resolve several issues surrounding Sync – including this one.

Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: