Syncing help -Laptop to Android

I have tried to sync my android (OS 10)& my laptop.

The sync instructions aren’t very clear to follow:

My brave version is: 1.18.78.

Any help would be appreciated.

Which part? :thinking:

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Dear Brave ?

I think there is a 50/50 mistake in communications
I was angry and expressed it in a sincere yet sloppy manor, that I know is common.

I choose to hit send and see if I will get cancelled, I had a moment of weakness and said F___it!
I was wrong to do so.

What is uncommon was starting to feel like Brave is going to become a disappointment, so common of the internet, when we could have been so great.

I trusted Brave. I believed we were going forward together.
I know I’m a useless nube, I also know I am just one with little power. that together we are strong and don’t sell myself off.

With less skills and or more resentment. Again I am trying to correct my poor behavior. I was wrong and made a knee jerk response.

I would rather see you give me an opportunity to “Learn” some of us are willing to learn and correct our mistakes, Unlike the last for 4 years of change has shown.
I would rather have received a hey dude , please do better. Please rewrite this or it doesn’t go up. Like an editor or teacher.
I see I have an option to edit this post. I will.

I am more hurt or disappointed that I didn’t get a note from a Moderator or Support.
Not a spam slam etc.
I didn’t get a response from a person like !


Browser Support
He seems to be everywhere and skilled in handling posters

I am not a here to undermine Brave. Every organization will have conflits, make mistakes just, we all do.

I seen red flags or indications that Brave is wandering a bit for its Mission Statement?
Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.


Our articles, guides, and videos will help you level up your browser knowledge. Get quality information relevant to you as a creator, advertiser, or regular browser use

I took a time out, to come back fresh.
Thanks for your time and Consideration,
Paul aka DemocracyBacksliding
What say you? What do you think?