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Sometimes certain browsers react differently on different sites. As such, I use Xmarks to sync bookmarks between different browsers (Safari / Firefox). Will I be able to do this with the Brave browser also?
As I save bookmarks on Brave, will there be the ability for the bookmark to repopulate on Safari and Firefox, and conversely, as I save bookmarks on Safari or Firefox, will Brave be automatically synced in Brave Sync or another extension such as Xmarks?

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+1 i am stopping using brave until either much of the functionality from common extensions is implemented or i can cross sync bookmarks. My preference is Xmarks but any cross browser syncing is better than none.

Until much of the planned time-line functionality is implemented; i would need to regularly switch to other browsers to cater for things that are easier to do in them because of unsupported functionality normally extensions.

I can not install Brave on some PC’s i browse with, as i do not have admin rights. I also need to test some websites on multiple browsers so like to sync cross browser for that reason too.

If this post is true from a Brave employee in this topic XMarks - Bookmark Syncing “Brave sync is available in Laptops and will be made available soon on mobile iOS and Android. So I believe there will not be any third party extension required for syncing bookmarks. Once available you should be able to seamlessly sync bookmarks across devices”

If this is true Brave seems to want to totally lock us in to using it solely, if this is the case you might as well become proprietary and sell out to Apple. Also if it is true please state so clearly in your FAQ and remove all references from cross browser bookmark syncing on git etc .

Cross browser syncing should be one of the first things you do, it IS needed more before the browser is finalised, rather than when it is finalised because of the large gaps.


Xmarks offers a lot of functionality in addition to bookmark sync. It can also de-duplicate bookmarks. It allows multiple bookmark “profiles” (you’ll have to check that out for yourself–too complicated to explain here) and a lot more.

Do you plan to build all this into Brave’s bookmark sync feature?


@Dlite you say vendor lock-in, I say cryptographically secure system which puts your privacy first :slight_smile:

Improvements will come down the road and I think the profile suggestion of @gtackett seems pretty solid as well as de-duping (which we try to do a little but could probably improve).

Sync Brave with PC Chrome

I would really like bookmark sync as well. I’m just trying Brave for the first time today on my desktop (Mac) and so far it’s amazingly fast. Memory consumption is on par with Opera - I was hoping it would be dramatically better but at least it’s not worse. LastPass support was a must and I see that’s there now so thanks for that. But I currently sync bookmarks between Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari since I use all of them at different times. Not having that in Brave is going to keep me from really using it as my primary. It’s going to be relegated to secondary at best until there’s sync.

I think Sync is only being planned to support cross device, and not cross browser. Is this true? What about support for an extension like XMarks (which I use now)? Cross browser support is really what’s needed IMO. Badly.


Im going to echo the above posters. Im trying out Brave, and I like it so far, but the reality is that I rely on google chrome to save and sync my bookmarks and login/passwords and other form data across machines and platforms. Not having access to any of that, makes switching incredibly hard and requires more devotion that Im willing to give, as it probably means resetting passwords on a dozen forums and sites (as I dont recall all my passwords) and a few days of frustration where I need to teach Brave everything.

I would be willing to redo all this ONCE if I can be reasonably confident that if I do it, I’ll never need do it again. So move to xmarks/lastpass/ or something.

At the very least, Brave browsers ought to sync between desktop and mobile. Entering passwords for a dozen sites on a mobile device is a real PITA.


Wouldn’t xmarks solve the problem? Brave syncs between brave browsers on different devices, but not different browsers. So if Brave supported an xmarks extension all should be good, right?

Do we know why Brave does not support xmarks? Is it a Brave security principle?


Xmarks extension is already requested to be added.

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