Synchronisation problem

impossible to enter a new synchronisation code: I do not have the button “I have a synchronisation code”. So how to proceed ?

Thanks a lot

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What did you see on your end? Most likely that device is already on a sync chain as that button only available on setup page.

Thank you: indeed, it’s already synchronized with an other device. But I have the possibility to add a new device: I have a code to enter in the other device, but impossible to enter this code.

I find that the process of synchronization is not clear at all.

Hm, this one @GRG6060 . :point_up:

You’ll need to reset sync on your other devices in order to see the button. On the sync page, you should see “Leavy sync chain” button.

The expected flow:

  • you set up one device (1st device) as the “chain creator”, so you get a sync code
  • and on your 2nd, 3rd, n devices, you just need to enter/scan code from the first device.

Again, as “I have sync code” button only available on setup page.

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