Synchro fix my my probblem asap

hello support i have big problems with sync i did format to my pc and now can not sync my data i lost all my saving data my wallet my accounts my work give us oldest version if no one cant fix this solve my problem if i lost all my data i wil never recover my wallet my accounts ans my money , brave sync red problem( Ce code a été généré par une version obsolète de Brave. Commencez par mettre à jour l’autre appareil ) i want get back my saving ans thank u in advance

Hi there, this is not support but the community lol. BTW is your Recovery phrase of 24 words then try adding the 25th word ‘axis’. The 25th word has been brought up in a the last 4 -5 updates I guess. So your phrase is 24 words I suppose therefore you’re unable to sync.

Do let us know if adding the word ‘axis’ to your last word help.

hello sir yes mine 24 word , i did all steps not working with axis This code is not valid

Okay. Try reaching out to Brave support →

They’ll surely get back to you. It could be a while though, cause they’re busy with other requests and stuff

thank you so much i will

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I hope you added it after the last word (24th word)…cause lol I’ve seen people add it in between or the start lol

i added it in last words didint work

Okay, then only Brave support can help you then Ig…
@Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige @Chocoholic please help. Thanks!

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thank you so much for helping me if my problem not solved i will go crazy big loss for my saving

@ink-vikinGz Sync code has been 25 words for a while now. If yours is 24 words, it means yours is far outdated. If yours is 25 words, it’s important to note that the 25 word code actually changes daily, so you can’t keep it as a backup.

Good news is just the 25th word is what changes, at least for now. So typically for someone like you, can just add or replace the 25th word. One of the devs created a site where you can check the 25th word, which you just need to add/replace to the end of your phrase. Link to site is

Todays’ word, if you want to hurry and add it, is axis

As to sync, keep in mind their warning.

Warning: Brave does not officially support using the Sync code as a backup and you should not rely on this continuing to work in to the future. Use the export functionality in bookmarks and the password manager instead.

If your current is updated and you do as that says, it should accept. You’re saying that you have put in the complete 24 word phrase you had and then putting axis at the 25th word and it’s still now showing right?


Number of words: 24
This code was generated by an outdated version of Brave. Buy by update the other device

Correct. So now when you’re putting in the code on your new version of Brave, you’re putting in all 24 and then adding the 25th word we’ve provided, which is axis, right? You should be inserting total of 25 words.

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lord i did it first one with smartyaadi not worked now work thank u @Saoiray @SmartyAadi work now thank u so much

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Haha, all good. I appreciate you trying again. I know sometimes when people see repeat questions and all, they get upset and refuse to try. Might have been a typo, extra space, or something which caused problem in the first. Glad to hear it’s resolved for you. :heart:

Do a favor when you can and mark a response here as the solution that way everyone knows it’s fixed. :white_check_mark:


Thanks @Saoiray

@ink-vikinGz I’m glad that your issue got resolved on the community itself!

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thank u again and again and again both of u saved my life <3 @Saoiray @SmartyAadi i wish all of u a wonderful day

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