Sync works w/Gnome Wayland NOT SWAY Wayland

I did check the Brave HELP page on the subject, however because ‘safe storage’ is in passwords/keys (Seahorse) it’s not particularly relevant. At this point I don’t know if the issue is with SWAY or the Brave-Browser. I see a couple of similar bugs, but not a solution. @support

OK, well, sync works with Google Chrome on SWAY Wayland. Not BRAVE (yes I know they use their own sync chain). So I guess BRAVE isn’t in the cards if it won’t sync. Thanks anyway. Back to Firefox.

Why did you delete the template when you posted? Support often won’t be able to help if you choose to do things like delete the template and not provide any information. For example:

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (this is primary info you didn’t provide and matters)

  • What happens when you say that sync won’t work? Are you getting any particular message?

For you to say this, does that mean you’re getting the message about Safe Storage? Have you tried what’s shared below? Is Brave Safe Storage is listed and unlocked as instructions show below?


You tagged a user who chose the name support, this didn’t tag anyone from support.