Sync works great except for side bar

Sync’d my Windows 11 HP desktop with my Windows 11 HP lattop. Everything sync’d except for the Side Bar, which on the lattop shows shows only the default buttons. On my desktop have removed all the defaults and added six of my on.

Hello @GreenMtnBoy, thank you for bringing this to our attention. If I am understanding correctly it has added only 6 icons on the computer. How many do you have on your sidebar before? You can try by starting a new sync chain:

Here are the steps: Open Brave > Settings > Sync , and choose “Start using sync ” Click “Start a new Sync Chain” Choose Device Type: You will be presented with a Sync Chain QR Code Now repeat the following steps on each device you wish to sync with.


The side bar only have the default buttons before I started using it, Shields, Wallet and Rewards. I don’t use Wallet or Rewards, and Shields is on the top under the tabs line, so I deleted them and added six of my own. I added the Brave browser on the laptop and started a new sync chain before syncing my desktop with the laptop. It synced everything except the side bar, so on the laptop has the original three, Shields, Wallet and Rewards.

I have subsequently added Brave to my IPAD and Andoid phone, and the problem persists, the sync works fine for book marks, but doesn’t transfer the side bar.

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