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Hi, i just download mobile app and i sync it with my Desktop Browser. But i couldn’t see my reward on mobile app. If i need to clear up my pc, how can i save my Months progress ? On mobile i couldn’t verify my account with Gemini, is that true? My reward are in my Gemini account, if i need to clear up i could connect again gemini with new browser?

I have the same problem I couldn’t see my reward either Orr may be it take some time to show reward & other things. Please help us

Hey @Takamichi @Genca ,

For now, Brave Sync (if that’s what you mean by syncing) doesn’t sync Rewards data. If you want to have the same balance across-devices, you’ll need to connect it to the same custodian account.

That said, Gemini is not an option for mobile yet.


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What is custodian account??

@Takamichi Uphold/Gemini account that can be connected to Brave Rewards wallet

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How to do that can you please send any YouTube video Orr screen shot please that will be a big help

This one may help @Takamichi

→ and video (same steps for any custodian)

I have to transfer my reward from mobile to PC is their any way please help me out

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