Sync v2 launch experience is horrific

It’s strange that Sync v2 is launched without anyone testing what happens to users that have a fully functioning device-combination that will stop working (temporarily) after the launch

I have a Windows 10 and iPhone syncing perfectly, but suddenly my PC claims that I need to reconfigure sync. Fine, I have no problems with this.
I choose “I have a Sync code” because it was working already and I am asked to provide this code.
I go to my mobile in order to get this code, and BOTH devices are already configured and in place on my mobile?
Why did my PC leave and stopped syncing but my phone is unaware of this?
Never mind, I remove everything and set it up again.
The setup process works perfe… wait, the devices don’t “see” each other?
…continue with frustration…

I find out by going online and manually finding this information that a new version of Sync has been released and oh, Desktop and Android devices will sync but iOS will not.

It baffles me to no end that nobody is thinking about the user experience when deploying major changes like this for a feature that worked fine but is KNOWN to break after deployment.

Did nobody think to have the desktop show a simple explanation?
If only to stop irrelevant “Sync does not work, help!” posts (and my own post btw)
It only takes a “Don’t worry, ignore sync for now, wait until iOS is updated” message, problem solved proactively


it is quite annoying. Means I can’t sync my iPhone and iPad Pro. They should put more priority to iOS and make the same releases available for iOS. It’s not that different to program compared to Android and at the moment you can also deploy the same versions to iOS (didint work some months ago)

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Sync v2 ist not yet available for iOS at the time of me writing this. So I suppose all devices need to use the same sync version to work smoothly.

But yes, better information and warnings would have been appreciated. I have been using Brave for years. And sync has always been an issue. And Brave management has some issues with sync. It has been buggy and not working reliably for years. Nevertheless Brave dropped the beta tag on it … well knowing that is was hardly even out of alpha.

Let’s hope sync v2 will be available for iOS soon and will indeed work.

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